My Personal Caribbean Vacation

Most Cheap Caribbean Property reviews that I have read are too short to really make a concrete decision with. They will either tell you “Yes, they had a good time” or “No, they didn’t.” That is why I wanted to put an entire website together, documenting the trip to the Dominican Republic my wife and I took for our honeymoon. I also wanted to highlight some of the island’s key features and history and tips for international travel.

Now, I don’t really claim to be a professional writer nor travel critic. I honestly don’t get to take too many vacations. Everything on the site is simply my honest viewpoint of the trip we booked through I’ve even tried to include as many of my own pictures taken with my iphone.

The Cliffs Notes Version

For those readers who don’t want to read the entire page and would like me to get right to the point: My wife and I had a great time in the Caribbean! The prices were great since we booked through CheapCaribbean Property and the service was excellent (better than I’ve ever received in the states). I would highly recommend booking through them and I’m sure my wife would agree 100%.

The Non-Cliffs Notes Version

For those of you who would like every detail, read on!

Deciding on Cheap Caribbean

Like almost everyone who is visiting this site my wife and I waded through a number of Cheap Caribbean Property reviews looking for everyone’s opinion. Like I stated earlier we found a bunch of quick reviews, but nothing substantial which is why I wanted to put this website together.

After looking through the reviews we noticed they were mostly positive. Of course there were some negative reviews, but I learned a long time ago you can’t please everyone and some people have to find something to complain about.

Since we liked what we saw we decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and book our first big trip together to the Caribbean and I’m really glad we did.

Scheduling the Trip

I’ll be honest, my wife handled most of the booking for our Caribbean vacation and I handed her the credit card when requested (I think that’s how it typically goes though). The entire process went flawlessly from start to finish though. The Cheap Caribbean Property website is extremely easy to navigate and we were able to book our entire vacation through the website without any trouble.

We didn’t want to pay the entire balance at one time so we opted to first pay a down payment then followed up with a second payment months later without any additional charges. Their website states that you do not have to use a credit card, but in order to reserve the best price. This is because airline and hotel prices fluctuate all the time (probably hourly) and if you want the lock in the best price possible I would suggest booking with a credit card.

Now, if you’re wondering about the customer service they offer over the phone, it’s amazing. My wife and I had a question regarding our passports (her name was going to change since we were getting married soon) so we gave them a call. They were more than helpful, politely clearing everything up and offering a number of suggestions for the first time international flyers.


I was blown away by the price we were able to lock in through Cheap Caribbean Property. Our total amount for the entire, all inclusive trip was only $2,800 (I don’t think most people writing Cheap Caribbean Property reviews would tell you the amount they paid, but I want this to be as informative as possible). That might sound a little high at first, but let’s break it down: The one price included airfare to and from the Dominican Republic (that was $1,300 of the total amount), private transportation to and from the airport to the resort, hotel rooms with room service, every meal we ate from a number of very nice restaurants on the resort, gratuity, and (what I was the most excited about) all drinks, alcoholic and not were paid for!

If we had simply driven to Myrtle Beach (about four hours from us) we probably would have spent at least $2,000 on hotels. Then we would still have to pay for amenities such as food, drinks, entertainment, gas, and everything else. I’m sure the total would have been well over what we paid for our Caribbean trip and it probably wouldn’t have been as nice.


plane-wingTraveling is always the most stressful part of a vacation for me and especially my wife. I worry about getting through security without any trouble where she worries about the actual flight. I guess we even each other out.

I have flown quite a bit domestically, but this was my firs tinternational flight so I was a little nervous about that. Flying to the Dominican Republic went flawlessly though. We woke up early and flew out of Greensboro at about 8:30, landing in Miami a little under a few hours later. During our two hour layover we grabbed a pizza for lunch then waited for our plane to board. Loading was pretty hectic because there were so many people, but the flight staff handled it well. Once on the plane we were able to watch our choice of tv shows or movies. I slept because that’s what I do when I fly.

Exiting the airport after the flight had landed we noticed a Cheap Caribbean representative wearing a bright orange shirt and holding a Cheap Caribbean sign. He politely pointed us to our driver and off we went to our resort, Dreams La Romana. The drive was a little under two hours, but our driver was so great I didn’t even notice. We were finally ready to start our dream Caribbean vacation!

The trip on the way home went nearly as smooth, but US customs and security can be more cumbersome so be prepared.

I hope you have enjoyed everything so far and realize that I am trying to cover much more than any other of the Cheap Caribbean Reviews. If you find it over whelming feel free to bookmark the site of simply skim though it.

Real Estate

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Dreams La Romana

Our Arrival

Immediately after getting out of the car we were met with two glasses of champagne. Because of the long day of travel I finished mine before we had finished checking in. We were then taken to our room and shown around. I was nervous that the rooms wouldn’t look anything like the pictures online, but I was pleasantly surprised. The room was very clean and well updated. And because the resort is all inclusive it even included a mini bar that was restocked daily at no additional charge.

Now, most positive Cheap Caribbean reviews that I have seen didn’t mention anything negative. If I had to point out one thing I would say our room’s shower could use some updating. It looked like they had started updating the bathrooms because the sink was pretty modern so maybe it will be different by the time you decide to visit.

Because it was about 7:00 and we were both pretty beat from the flights we just decided to go to the buffet for dinner. I’ll cover the resorts restaurant selection a little later though. After eating we walked around the resort a little then headed back to the room to pass out.

The First Morning

room-viewOur first morning in the Caribbean was great. We were supposed to meet with a representative from Cheap Caribbean to go over a few need-to-know things (mainly don’t drink the tap water), talk about excursions we could take while visiting, and discuss our pick-up for Tuesday. I got up a little early so I could go get a coffee from the coffee shop. When I stepped out to the patio the weather was beautiful!  People were already gathering around the pool and on the beach, but it was still really calm. I could do that every morning. Since I am horrible with directions it took me a little while to find the barista. No worries though we weren’t late for the meeting.

I was really surprised how many extra activities there were and at a good price. You could go on an all day excursion which included a huge lunch for just $80. I know that would cost a lot more in the US. Because we were only going to be on the resort for a short time (and because we’re pretty boring vacationers) we opted not to go on any even though it was pretty tempting. She even gave us a brief history of the Island. I had no idea such huge movies such as Blue Lagoon and Jurassic Park were filmed there!

The Beach

After our meeting we went back to the room, jumped into our swim suits, lathered up with sun tan lotion (I have a pretty fair complexion), and headed to the beach. Once we got to the beach we grabbed our complimentary beach towels and each grabbed a seat. The breeze was very slight (not like the NC beach where wind throws sand in your face a majority of the time). The sun was out, the sky was blue, and the temperature was perfect (about 84 degrees). We could finally relax after our night of travel.


In the background there was island music playing in the background which added to the serenity. After lying there for about an hour we were invited to a volleyball game where, but I declined because I’m not that great at it plus I was pretty comfortable. After a little while we watched a group stumble through a water aerobics course being put on in front of us. The funniest part was the instructor, James Bond (I don’t think that was his real name). He was charismatic and a blast to watch.

By then it was about lunch time so we decided to head to one of the restaurants (The Seaside Cafe) for lunch. Like the rest of the food it was phenomenal and right by the beach which made it even better.

Now, because I want to provide one of the most inclusive Cheap Caribbean reviews available I will dedicate an entire page to the restaurants at the La Romana.

After a few more hours on the beach (and a few complimentary daiquiris later) we decided to go to the room and hang out for a little bit then get ready for diner. Of course, she takes quite a bit longer to get ready than I do so I’m glad they had English channels because I ended up watching The Blues Brothers on TNT for a while.

Finally ready to head out we walk down to the seafood restaurant for surf and turf! After a wonderful diner with extraordinary service we walk around the resort then head back to the room to go to bed.

Day 2 was pretty much like the first (I told you we’re boring).

Because we didn’t have a meeting the second morning on the resort we woke a little slower, taking our time before heading the beach. We decided to get room service which was 100% free since the resort price was all inclusive. After ordering the resort had our French toast, danish and coffee (DR has great coffee by the way) within a few minutes we took everything to the patio where we enjoyed our ocean view breakfast!

After breakfast we put on sunscreen and headed to the beach where the music was already bumping. After lying on the beach for a little while we were invited to join a mambo class in the sand we politely declined, but still enjoyed watching others participate. After a while we decided to take a break from the sun and headed back to the room for a while then head to the infinity pool which was pretty much right outside our room.

After lying out for a little while I got a little hot so I decided to swim across the pool to the poolside bar (I thought that was pretty cool!). I got us both a spiked lemonade and we both laid out a little longer. After a while it was time to go back to the room to start getting ready (Remember, she takes a while).

That night we decided to go to the Dominican restaurant (The Jungle) on the resort. It was cool because it was actually on the beach. Like everything else on the resort the food and service was great. After eating we decided to walk around and that’s when things got interesting…

The Competition

We noticed that some sort of play was getting ready to start so we sat down to watch. Then they started requesting male audience volunteers to come on stage (Uh-Oh). Of course my wife volunteered me. So I find myself up on stage in the middle of a competition similar to Simon says against two Canadians, a French guy, and a British guy. With my laser focus, knowledge of the game and the fact that English is my native language I was able to beat the competition, winning a bottle of rum and a Dreams La Romana hat. My wife couldn’t stop laughing and actually recorded it (I’ll try to post the video soon).

After the competition we enjoyed the play, Mojitos in hand. It was really good. I believe it was a story native the Dominican Republic, similar to the Lion King. After the play we headed back to the room to crash for the night.

Day 3 (History repeats itself, again)

hatandrumI’m sorry if you think this is one of the most repetitive Cheap Caribbean reviews you’ve ever read, but I want to be honest. And this is honestly what we like to do on vacation: nothing, but lay on the beach all day!

So we woke up a little earlier in order to meet our Cheap Caribbean representative. She was giving us all the last minute info we needed for our departure (pick up time, etc.). With that out of the way we headed up to the room to throw on some sunscreen for our last day on the beach! We laid out for a while, watching a water aerobics class and listening to music.

Rain and Wildlife

After a few hours the sky got dark and it started to rain. Everyone scampered to the bar and shade huts to wait it out. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes and cleared up immediately after. The cool thing was after the rain we started seeing wildlife that we hadn’t seen up until this point (crabs and birds beach-crabmainly). I guess the rain brought them out for some reason. My wife loved watching the crabs play in the sand and too a bunch of pictures.

After a few more hours on the beach we decided to call it a day and head back to the room to get ready for dinner.

We had planned on trying the resort’s Italian restaurant, but it was closed that night so we decided to try some Mexican cuisine and I’m glad we did because we had the best waiter EVER. His name was Javier and he was the most charismatic guy on the resort. He kept bringing us Caronas and champagne throughout the meal. When I told him I might not be able to get back to the room he immediately said: “It’s ok, I will carry you back to your room if you need it.” We laughed throughout the entire meal and had an all-around great time. After dinner we headed back to the room and packed as much as we could for the trip home.

Holiday Real Estate and Properties for Rent

As in many countries there are plenty of holiday homes for rent. From cheap studio’s to large villa’s with the most breath taking views. Here are listed a few website where you can find Holiday Rental Homes : Dominican Republic Estate,  ReMax Cabarete Real Estate  and Curacao Property Holiday Rentals

Going Home


The next morning we got up early enough to eat breakfast at the buffet (our pick up was scheduled for 10). It had all the basic breakfast stuff (eggs, bacon, pastries, freshly squeezed juices, and a lot more). After filling up we finished packing in the room. We then headed to the lobby, checked out, and waited for our Cheap Caribbean Representative to pick us up. He did and he was just as courteous as the guy that picked us up from the airport.

After an hour and a half we were at the airport and ready to get through security which is a breeze in the Dominican Republic. Both flights and the layover in Miami went pretty smooth. The worst part was going through the Miami security check. They actually took my bottle of rum that I had won at the resort since it was more than 100ml. I could have checked the bag, but it would have cost more than the rum so I told the security officers they could keep it and have a party that night on me.

After a long day of travel we finally landed in Greensboro at around 10 at night. It wasn’t nearly as nice as the Caribbean, but it’s always good to be home. After a forty minute drive home we were ready to hit the hay and go back to work the next day (snap back to reality).

 Thanks for Reading!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the review and I hope you would vote it as one of the best, most inclusive Cheap Caribbean reviews you’ve read. I really tried to let you know how great of a time my wife and I had.